We are in transit. Always.

New name, new purpose, and (almost) a new year. Welcome to In/Transit.

Hey, again. It's great to have you here.

For the last few months of 2022, I wrote a few posts for this newsletter now and then. Not entirely sure where I was headed.

After some end-of-year reflection, I've found a new name, a structure, and an overarching idea.

Welcome to In/Transit.

In/Transit is my creative outlet outside my daytime job as CEO of DX. I'm an avid fan of learning through writing. Over the past few months, I've also got to experience the value of publishing. And how it enables more and faster learning together with others.

I hope In/Transit can be a destination for shared learning.


The world is in constant transition. Technology is too. And so are we. Transitions are fascinating. Sometimes they're easy to sense; other times, not so much.

Author and coach Patrick Lencioni got a great quote that stuck with me:

I pull two insights from that quote:

  1. Sometimes you'll know where you want to go but are not sure how to get there

  2. Sometimes we find ourselves in transit, but not sure what the destination is nor how to best leverage the motion

And it's through this lens that I'll explore key trends in this newsletter.

This newsletter's core, recurring theme will be the transition that the internet and our digital lives are in right now. It's the kind of transition where we can sense movement but don't know the destination.

From Web2 › Web3

It's a transition that will hugely impact our future lives. And there's a significant upside in understanding the evolution and identifying the business opportunities within.

  • ownership and interoperability enable new products, structures, incentives, and customer experiences

  • the importance of our digital identities shapes our expectations of those products in the future

  • tokens to orchestrate collaboration and co-creation of content, entertainment, and new business models

That's the core pillar of In/Transit; Exploring how the internet evolves as it weaves in the third layer. Often referred to as Web3.

Other Transitions

To keep things interesting, there are two other transitions I'm passionate about. I'll sprinkle regular in-transit transmissions on those subjects once in a while:

  • The future of work as it unbundles into constituent pieces (location, identity, tasks)

  • The importance of taking care of yourself. Living a balanced life in a constant state of transition

My vantage point on all of this is the following:

I'm a tech company (DX) CEO in the entertainment sector. 18 months ago, we started transitioning the company to a "remote-first" state. Our team of 30+ people spans 10 countries now.

In my evenings, I've passionately researched the technology frontier that is web3 for the past few years. Engaging in several DAOs along the way. For anyone dabbling with entertainment, technology and/or marketing, I'm convinced these technologies represent a paradigm shift that is immensely valuable to understand.

Happy New Year!

PS: I aim to publish a couple of pieces per month, and I hope you'll tag along.

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PS3: Please reach out if you have any feedback, ideas or want to chat!