Catching Falling Apples

Or being the first to pick them up. A framework to position for future opportunities.

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Let’s get to it:

Catching Falling Apples

Or being the first to pick them up. A framework to position for future opportunities.

Key takeaways:

  • Nvidia excels at powering AI and Metaverse advancements, driving its stock up 200%.

  • Strategic long-term vision is key to being poised for future opportunities.

  • Timing is critical; too early or late misses the metaphorical apple fall.

  • Execution is essential; one must quickly and accurately seize the moment.

  • The tech landscape's growth indicates ample upcoming opportunities for prepared leaders.

Acquired, arguably the best business podcast, recently released an interview with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. It’s fantastic and absolutely worth a listen.

Nvidia is positioned at the epicenter of the dual technology revolution that is AI and Metaverse/3D web. Simplified, Nvidia delivers hardware and data center solutions for high-performance computing (HPC). And they’re the best at it.

What do you need to train a bunch of AI models? Compute.

And what do you need to render more 3D and more of it in real time? Compute.

Nvidia is the market-leading solution to do both.

Which is why the Nvidia stock is up almost 200% so far this year.

One quote from the Acquired interview stood out for me, and that’s what I want to explore today:

It’s a really wholesome concept.

What does it require to do the diving catch when the apple falls?

The Orchard (Location)

First, you need to be positioned in the right place. This comes down to deciding which paths to take and which bets to place. Which is only possible when you have established your clear-cut conviction of the future.

This, again, is only really possible if you’re thinking long-term. If you’re too focused on short-term gains and optimizations, you won’t be able to see which trees are growing lovely apples in the distance (yes, I’m continuing with the apples).

Seasonality (Timing)

There’s no use if you come in late; somebody else picked the apple up before you. Similarly, there’s little use in positioning next to the apple tree before the tree itself is grown (WebTV or Google Glass, anyone?).

Your conviction in the future also needs an element of timing. When is the right time to move towards that exact apple tree?

This, too, requires an outlook to the future but also requires looking at adjacent industries. How is new technology shaping and changing customer behaviors, for instance? And what does the change spark today look like when you extrapolate it out? 5 years? 10?

Catching (Execution)

With conviction in the right bet and clarity on timing, everything’s set. But the apple falls, and you do your diving catch too slow or without aim, so you miss.

Can’t have any of that.

The third thing you need is execution. When the opportunity arises, you need the ideas, structures, and processes to move swiftly and catch the apple. This part also requires the resilience and capability to ideate and adjust quickly.

All The Apples

Looking at the media and entertainment landscape and the two driving forces behind Nvidia’s recent rise, it’s safe to say that there are more apples.

More apples to fall from trees down the line from the Nvidia one.

It’s going to create opportunities both for incumbents to (try to) adapt and for newcomers (native to new platforms and technologies) to sprout and flourish.

Where’s your tree, and when will your apple fall?

And most importantly, are you ready to do your diving catch?

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